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Military Museum

The Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library, the largest military museum in Southwest Florida, was originally founded under the umbrella of Invest in America’s Veterans Foundation in 2009. Its family-friendly environment preserves and showcases military artifacts, books and rare papers from American history, with an emphasis on all American wars. The majority of artifacts have been donated or loaned by military and government organizations, or generous individuals from throughout the nation. Our devoted and selfless volunteers and directors have spent thousands of hours collecting, repairing, and restoring the one-of-a-kind artifacts for the general public to enjoy.

Freedom is not free but admission to the museum is, and it is our goal is to ensure that this will always be the case for future generations to come.


The Patriot Housing Initiative

IAVF’s Patriot Housing Initiative (PHI) provides permanent, stable, safe, and affordable housing solutions and supplemental supportive services to Veterans and their families in need.  We partner with local community experts, collaborate and create solutions tailored to each Veteran, and focus on alleviating any barriers to success, like affordable housing and transportation.  In doing so, we envision a future where each and every Veteran and their family receives the quality of life that they deserve.  We maintain our dedication to this effort by continuously seeking new multi-family ventures and acquisitions and cultivating partnerships with Veteran-friendly organizations throughout the United States.  This enables us to broaden our reach to all Veterans across the nation and consequently build stronger and healthier communities.


Investing in America’s Veterans

Invest in America’s Veterans Foundation was created in 2009 to serve our Veterans. We help Veterans transition from life in the military to life as a civilian with as little hassle and “red tape” as possible. Resources like relocation and housing assistance, counseling and even job placement are all available through our foundation.  As one of the most underserved populations in our country, many Veterans and their families struggle with life’s daily challenges. Through our efforts, we hope to ease the burdens placed on our Veterans and help them transition to live a rewarding civilian life with their friends and family.

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