Supportive Services

National Headquarters - Cape Coral, FL

Help For Veterans in Cape Coral

IAVF was created based on “Veterans Helping Veterans.”  If you’re a Veteran, or family member of a Veteran in the Cape Coral community and in need of assistance with housing, career, educational, and job placement services, counseling, or any of life’s basic necessities like food, clothing or transportation, we’re here to help. No Veteran should go without these essentials, so please visit us at the Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library and let us know how we can serve you.

Housing Solutions

Veterans homelessness is never acceptable. We can help our Veteran’s and their family find safe temporary housing and furniture pieces, like beds and couches. We’re here to help our Veterans and their families headed down the path to a stress-free and independent life. If you know a Veteran or family member outside of the Cape Coral area looking for housing, please visit the Patriot Housing Initiative to learn more.

Career and Educational Services

Our Veteran Services Officers are trained to deliver and connect Veterans to career and educational support. We help Veterans during the educational process, including applying for financial aid and determining the best academic program for their interests. We can also help match Veterans with a job in the community that pertains to their specific skill sets.

Addiction Counseling

Alcohol and drug addiction are battles that Veterans fight every day, many times unbeknown to those who care. We work with certified alcohol and drug counselors who have already helped hundreds of Veterans overcome these powerful addictions. Our tailored care puts a focus on our Veteran’s themselves to provide actionable steps and solutions to overcome their addictions.

Not in Cape Coral but need assistance?
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